Disinfecting Air Duct

Comet has the latest technology in air duct cleaning and disinfecting. Our new patented SaniJet system for disinfecting is by far the best in the industry and nothing else compares.
Benefect Disinfectant
The World's Only Authentically Botanical Disinfectant
In nature, plants produce germ-killing ‘essential oils’ to protect themselves from
invading microbes, similar to how our bodies produce antibodies for our protection
against disease. Benefect is a revolutionary blend of these antimicrobial extracts,
particularly from the herb Thyme. Traditional synthetic disinfectants use quaternary
ammonia or chlorine to kill germs, however, using the essential oils from plants
allows Benefect to achieve an unprecedented safety rating. To put it simply,
Benefect is a ‘plant immune system’ in a bottle
Our Story with SaniJet and Benefect Disinfectant

Using the SaniJet is much more work than the old fogger that you just aimed into a vent, The SaniJet goes deep into the system from every vent register. Comet began disinfecting air vents at $35/vent. I ran a special offer to disinfect heat and cooling vents at $15/vent, more than 50% off. This worked very well and we were able to disinfect many homes with our new system and at the same time, we got very good at it. Comet air duct cleaning was getting 5-star reviews and People would call me just to tell me how wonderful it was to breathe good clean air, most of these were people with severe allergies. Just the word of mouth brought Comet a lot of work so I decided to make it so we could do disinfect the air ducts in every home. 
Please click  here to see the video comparison of SaniJet and the Fogger