Forest Fires and Lung Diseases 

For someone with lung problems, such as myself who suffer from COPD, fire season can be a matter of LIFE and DEATH. We who suffer from lung disease know very well that just staying indoors isn't the answer, but staying indoors we must. What else can we do? I do have a couple suggestions you may not have heard of.

*The best is a whole house air purifier. I installed the REME HALO in my air duct system and was so impressed I became a distributor and added it to our Comet Air Duct Cleaning Program to help improve indoor air quality in your home or place of business. The in-duct system actually purifies every square inch of air in your home. every 30 minutes

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REME HALO® whole home in-duct air purifier
How an In air duct air purifier system works
*For those who can't afford to pay out $650 to $850, I would suggest buying a 21" x 21" square fan you can get at Walmart and place a furnace filter in the back to at filter out the smoke in your home or workplace. The forced air will keep the filter in place. Cost under $25.00
20" fan with a furnace filter makes for a cheap air purifier
place furnace filter behind a fan to clean the air in your home
We at Comet believe very much that our lungs are the FINAL filter, and our goal is to help our customers breathe easier.